How to Build A Self Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystem

You wanted to play god — Here’s your chance.

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  • Step-by-step instructions to creating an ecosystem that can survive with little to no input from you
  • Read the extensive background information that teaches about the science behind it all – or don’t! Skip right to the instructions.
  • Makes an awesome experiment, pet, or centerpiece. 
  • Can be absolutely free to create!
This is the only totally-comprehensive guide to creating an aquatic self-sustaining ecosystem, or Jarrarium, on the Internet.
You will be taken step-by-step to create your own jarrarium while learning about all the science behind it in an easy, approachable manner.

Get the eBook One of the many benefits of the eBook format is the ability to update the book. If any pertinent information on the subject is made available, this book will be updated to reflect advances in the field.