Bloomify Mini Orchid Terrarium


Bloomify Orchid Terrarium



  • Sealed Container
  • Self-Sustaining
  • No Maintenance
  • Orchid Can Be Removed and Repotted


  • One Plant, No Animals
  • No Real Ecosystem

The Bloomify Orchid Terrarium is a sealed terrarium containing a single orchid and a nutrient gel. It’s in a jar 3 inch sealed with a removable cork. The orchid plant can survive for more than a year without any intervention if placed in filtered light.

Orchidariums Made Easy

Generally speaking, an orchidarium is a huge undertaking. Many orchids are incredibly fragile, requiring specific nutrients, humidity, and light. It’s very rewarding to see a well-built orchidarium in all of its glory – the fusion of flowers, moss, water, fog, and rock walls are sublime.

This product is not that. It’s a jar with a flower in it.

That being said, the Bloomify Orchid Terrarium is a good compromise. You get a nice, slow-growing plant that flowers repeatedly and almost perpetually. It’s a very hardy orchid, thankfully. You’ll get to see it change a little every day, but don’t have to put any work in to watch it happen!


As with any good self-sustaining ecosystem, there isn’t any real care involved. You should be able to leave it closed for a year or more, assuming it has appropriate light.

The plant probably won’t mind a breath of fresh air every now and then, though. Try not to let especially humid, or bone-dry air, replace the air in the plant. If you see condensation on the glass, it’s probably getting too much light (or the ambient temperature is too high). Move it somewhere else!

orchid terrarium

Customer Reviews

The Bloomify Orchid Terrarium is very well-received by its customers. It truly is zero-maintenance, which makes it a great gift for disabled people who love plants but couldn’t otherwise take care of one.

Since the orchid is quite flexible with lighting, it makes a great desk companion and really lights up office spaces.

There’s also a 30-day live plant guarantee with this particular product, so you’ve got insurance. If it makes it through that first month, you’re doing something right. Just don’t mess with it, and you should be set for the long run!