Purple terrarium plants are both eye-catching and readily available. Although these days you can buy a full-fledged terrarium online, there’s something special about designing and building a totally unique terrarium.

With a bit of care and patience, you can curate your dream ecosystem. If you’re looking to design a terrarium centered around purple plants, though, then you’ve come to the right place.

Purple Plants For Terrariums

purple terrarium plants

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Purple terrarium plants aren’t as rare as you may think. In fact, there are a few variations of popular plants that feature purple accents.

Purple Passion Plant

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One of the best purple-colored plants that you can add to your terrarium is the purple passion plant. It’s such a popular purple terrarium plant because it’s equal parts hardy and beautiful!

One of the best things about the purple passion is how varied the plants can be – each one is slightly different. It has serrated green leaves covered with tiny purple hairs, and the undersides of the leaves are also densely covered with hairs. 

The plant’s structure varies from plant to plant, making each plant reasonably unique. The dense hairs make the plant look velvety with an iridescent sheen you’re going to love, especially when combined with the right kind of light setup.

Tillandsia Ionantha

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A great alternative to the Purple Passion is the Tillandsia Ionantha, an indoor plant ideal for terrarium conditions.

The reason behind that is that, similar to the purple passion, this air plant is pretty hardy and naturally resists different kinds of pests and diseases.

Moreover, the plant is color enhanced with a non-toxic pigment designed explicitly to color plants without affecting their health. That means that this purple terrarium plant is really purple, but not in a harm your other plants type of way.

African Violet Biscayne Variegated Miniature Plant

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Although the leaves of the African violet are standard green in color, this varietal is known for blooming one of the most beautiful purple-colored leaves in the world.

The flower has an attractive deep purple color and blooms easily so long as it’s provided with proper care and nutrition. Don’t worry – African Violet care isn’t too tricky.

The plant holds up well and arrives in excellent condition. Additionally, if you’re lucky enough, then the plant may come with the flowers blooming already!

Purple Prickly Pear Santa Rita Plant

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If you’re looking for something a little more off the wall, then you’re going to love this cactus! The purple prickly pear is a multi-padded cactus that holds up well without moisture and in high heat.

The link above is for Santa Rita Plant seeds which is the best option if you want to add this plant to your terrarium as it won’t grow to be too big. Growing this cactus from a seed, however, will take a little more work.

Purple Colored Preserved Reindeer Moss

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So, full transparency here – this purple reindeer moss isn’t a live plant. That being said, it can add a nice aesthetic touch to your purple terrarium.

Another way to enjoy an amazing purple terrarium is to have purple as a secondary color. If that’s the route you choose to go, then you’re going to need some purple moss.

Interested in moss and terrariums? Learn how to make a DIY moss terrarium then!

Luckily, this preserved moss does its job perfectly while rocking a vibrant and bright purple color that is comforting to the eyes. 

Pacific Shadows Succulent 

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This one is also a great choice for the terrarium because the Pacific Shadows succulent has a subtle purple color with burgundy shades that make the plant ideal for those who prefer a varied look.

The rosette grows up to 3 to 4 inches, so it’s suitable for small to medium-sized terrariums. But make sure to provide the plant with enough sunlight as succulents thrive in south-facing windows. The Pacific Shadows is an excellent choice for pet owners because it’s safe around most pets.

Tradescantia Purpurea Purple Heart Plant

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Another potted plant that you can easily transfer to your terrarium is the  Tradescantia Purpurea or Tradescantia Pallida.

This plant is native to Mexico, making it suitable for southern climates with plenty of warmth and gentle light. The plant resists drought pretty well, making it ideal for those who don’t have enough time to regularly water the plant (or those that sometimes forget).

Moses in the Cradle (Rhoeo Spathacea)

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The Moses in the cradle plant, also known “as “Rhoeo Spathcea,” is one of the perfect plants for terrariums as long as you provide them with good conditions for growth.

The plant has a tricolor look with purple color lines on both sides along with a green center. All you need to do for the plant is to rewater the terrarium’s soil when it becomes dry and provide the plant with indirect sunlight.

Building Around Your Purple Terrarium Plants

There you have it! A complete guide that provides you with a wide variety of options to decorate your purple terrarium.

As you can see, the list contains both natural and artificial purple terrarium plants, which allows you to mix and match without worrying about the optimal conditions for each plant.

If you’re still confused about which one to go for, we recommend that you start with hardy and vibrant options, such as the Purple Passion Plant or the Tillandsia Ionantha. In addition to having similar growing conditions, they both have a stunning look, which will add a touch of aesthetics to your terrarium. Moreover, you may want to consider adding some Purple Reindeer Moss or artificial purple plants because they’re an effortless addition of the purple color to your terrarium!

Interested in buying these plants from other online? Give our guide to buying terrarium plants online a read! If you feel any other purple terrarium plants should be added to this list then comment below and I’ll consider adding them.