Black terrarium plants aren’t for everyone, but if you want a gothic aesthetic, then you’ve come to the right place. While these plants aren’t technically black, they do have a darker tint than typical terrarium plants.’ Yes, there are black plants, but most are too large to fit in a reasonably sized terrarium, so these are the next best thing.

How Does a Terrarium Work?

Terrariums are either open or closed systems, and each one of them works differently. A closed terrarium is self-sustaining as every element works together to maintain a functional ecosystem. Well, sometimes you have to make minor adjustments to keep things in wack, but that’s the idea.

Plants that you grow in a closed terrarium will have everything they need to survive, as the soil provides the required nutrients, and the plant and animal waste replenishes the soil when they decompose. Moreover, these setups have a controlled water cycle where the plants gain access to water through condensed water vapor. 

Open terrariums are open to the outside environment, so there’s lots of air circulation and less humidity. Ideally, these terrariums thrive either indoors or outdoors, and you need to apply water as necessary to guarantee that the plants are thriving. Open terrariums are more suited for succulents and cacti, whereas closed terrariums are better suited for mosses and plants that thrive in moist environments.

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Best Black Terrarium Plants

If you want a My Chemical Romance-esque aesthetic, then these plants will work for you. Comment below if you want to know which plants go best with each other!

Sheet Moss

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Unlike other terrarium plants, sheet moss can thrive in acidic soil. Sheet moss is an excellent choice if you have a water structure in your terrarium because you’re keeping reptiles or other aquatic animals as it loves damp soil. 

Sheet moss can thrive in shaded areas, so it will work for you if you have a black terrarium that doesn’t allow much light. However, it still needs access to indirect and artificial sunlight to grow. 

When you’re growing moss in a terrarium, dealing with mold is inevitable, especially if you tend to overwater it. If this happens, you need to wipe the mold away or cut the infected areas, then remove the lid off your terrarium to get rid of some of the humidity. 

Pink Veined Nerve Plant Fittonia

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This plant is ideal for a closed terrarium because it needs to be moist all the time, so it’s suitable for terrariums with high humidity levels. Compared to other plants that struggle in steamy and hot conditions, this plant will successfully thrive. 

Whether you choose to keep your black terrarium plants in fluorescent light or indirect sunlight, the pink veined nerve plant will be a great choice. The soil should drain well and still keep moisture to guarantee that the plant will stay healthy. 

Plumosa Nanus (Asparagus Fern)

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If you need a plant that grows fast in your terrarium, then you need to check this one out. The asparagus fern is a fast-growing plant with an impressive climbing habit. It has a delicate look with its fine needles, so you must trim it fairly frequently. 

This fern is typically used as a ground cover in bigger terrariums where you keep reptiles, invertebrates, and other animals because it needs continuous access to organic matter. It also needs access to liquid fertilizer monthly to stay in excellent condition. 

Oxalis Triangularis

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Adding some bright colors to your black terrarium is an excellent idea to improve the aesthetics of your space. The oxalis triangularis has eye-catching purple foliage and will stay bright when you control the growing conditions in a terrarium. 

This plant thrives in low to medium humidity and needs to be kept in medium to direct sunlight. In addition to its bright purple leaves, the plant grows impressive flowers in spring. 

Neanthe Bella Palms

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This plant thrives in lower light conditions. As a result, it’s a good choice if the design of your black terrarium prohibits access to regular sunlight. 

Ideally, placing Neanthe bella palms in a terrarium located about a foot away from a western, easter, or southern window will guarantee appropriate growth conditions. It grows best in moist soil and is highly adaptable and forgiving, which makes it perfect for beginners. 

You can improve the health of this plant by applying fertilizers monthly. It will also work for you in a bigger terrarium where animals and insects can add the needed organic matter. 

Creeping Fig

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Creeping fig can tolerate low sunlight, so it’s an excellent choice for terrariums that don’t get a lot of sun. It’s an excellent choice for an office because it can thrive under lights. 

This plant needs to grow in humid conditions, where the soil is reasonably moist. It can be grown in a terrarium as long as you ensure that the water cycle is complete to provide it with the needed moisture. 

It might need some fertilizer if the terrarium doesn’t provide enough organic matter from animals, especially in the summer. Also, if the temperature gets too hot inside your terrarium, you’ll need to remove the lid to control it. 

Hatiora salicornioides

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The Drunkard’s-dream, also known as the Drunkard’s bones, dancing bones, spice cactus, or Hatiora salicornioides, is an intriguing addition to any terrarium, immediately giving underwater vibes. All members of the family can tolerate low to medium-light exposure, and this one grows upwards the fastest.

However, what’s most impressive about Hatiora salicornioides is that this plan can grow on top of other plants! The result is that it will make your terrarium look completely unique. It’s also easy to propagate, and new growth appears in only four to six weeks. 

Terrarium Plants That Are Black

Are these terrarium plants black enough for you? If not, comment below, and I can add some that aren’t constrained by the size of your average terrarium.

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