Did you know that a search for hanging terrarium on Youtube yields multiple videos with over ten thousand views? While this might not be as many views as the most recent Taylor Swift song, the numbers are pretty staggering for discussing videos of hanging terrariums.

Not only are hanging terrariums growing in popularity again because they’re inexpensive and space saving, but they’re also easy to find or make. Even Good Morning on ITV has gotten in on the hanging terrarium action – they’ve recently done a number of videos on related topics.

Additionally, there are over 20 different kinds both of glass terrariums and hanging terrariums on Home Depot’s website right now! Or, if you prefer to up-cycle, after a quick trip to your recycling bin you can make your own DIY hanging terrarium.

So, whether you’re just hopping on the craze, interested in saving space, or just giving into your green thumb this guide has what you need to get your terrarium hanging.

Defining Hanging Terrarium –

Hanging Terrarium

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Before we define hanging terrarium, let’s hash out what exactly a terrarium is.

A terrarium, by our own definition, is a terrestrial micro-ecosystem that may or may not be sealed and typically consists of tropical plants.

In layman’s terms, this means a housing where inside an ecosystem of plants and/or animals exist – either with or without the need for assistance from the outside world.

A hanging terrarium is then both aforementioned definitions in a hanging form. The hanging version is more desirable at the moment, however, for a number of reasons.

Why buy a hanging terrarium when the non-hanging version will suffice?

Hanging Terrarium

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What makes a hanging terrarium such a desirable option?

Well, because your hanging terrarium is suspended from the ceiling it’s pretty much out of the way for one.

For two, your ceiling becomes dotted with floating orbs containing and featuring your favorite plants. Who wouldn’t want that?

Obviously, there are some added complications that come with stringing your terrarium to the ceiling. For example, when you need to check certain chemical levels or change the water you’ll have to take your vessel down. While this may be seen as unnecessary work to some, it is worth doing if you’re trying to save space or increase the aesthetic appeal of an area.

The best 7 options for purchasing a hanging terrarium –

Hanging Terrarium


So, you’re ready to get going with your hanging terrarium. You’ve decided between a shrimp bubble and an orchid terrarium. You know that you want your terrarium to be a closed aquatic ecosphere or closed terrarium as opposed to an open terrarium because well you like to push the limits of science. Now all you have to do is buy the vessel that will house your own little world.

The problem is, you’ve got so many options when it comes to what to house your terrarium in. Should you up-cycle and use that container your mom used to make lemonade in for barbecues? Or, should you go ahead and purchase your housing from a professional terrarium company in an effort to ensure that your world is stable.

We recommend the latter option, though certainly can’t blame you for going with the former. Up-cycling is always a noble way to go and DIY terrariums aren’t too hard to pull off. As scientists, however, we have to mention that purchasing from a company specializing in the manufacturing of these products will all but guarantee better performance.

While these seven options will certainly cover all your hanging terrarium needs, feel free to share other options in the comments section. Start a dialogue with fellow self-sustaining ecosystem enthusiasts so that we can everyone can have optimal hanging terrariums in their homes!

Exo Terra Terrarium: Explorarium – 

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium


So ExoTerra may build their terrariums to house reptiles. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t house your hanging terrarium too!

While this is not a glass terrarium like the others on this list, it is extremely easy to set up and gives you options as far as where to put it and what to keep inside. The nylon that this Exo Terra terrarium is made from is extremely durable. You can guarantee that your plants will be well protected if reptiles can’t even escape the contraption.

So, the terrarium has nylon netting instead of glass. You may look at this as a drawback, but it actually allows both the UV rays and UVB light better access to the plants. This is good because better sunlight equals happier plants. The nylon is also lighter weight, which allows the terrarium to be hung.

Mounting a light is easy if you need to keep this Exo Terra terrarium indoors for any reason. It is worth noting that if you’re interested in attempting a closed terrarium then this is not the choice for you.

Juvale 6-Pack Glass Hanging Terrariums –

hanging terrarium


Six ready to go up hanging terrariums for this price has to be too good to imagine.

Well, it’s not. And these Juvale hanging glass terrariums are as well made as they come. While the design lacks an air of sophistication that others possess, this Juvale offering gets the job done.

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking to do a closed air terrarium then this hanging glass terrarium is probably not for you (unless, of course, you can figure out a way to effectively close the hole in the front of the housing).

If you’re a terrarium beginner, then this is a perfect choice for you.

Mkono 2-Pack Glass Hanging Planter Air Plant Terrarium

hanging terrarium


The biggest draw in this offering from Mkono is the two different shapes and sizes that they include.

One thing worth mentioning is that these don’t come with the rope or hardware to actually hang your hanging terrarium. At the same time, a trip to your local Lowe’s or Home Depot and seven dollars can solve this problem for you.

The Mkono hanging terrarium checks all of the boxes that it needs to check though, and performs better than the majority of the competition.

Deco Tall Glass Terrarium for Succulents & Air Plants –

Hanging terrarium


This tall Deco Glass Terrarium is clearly the most aesthetically pleasing option on this list. While it’s price tag is an indication of the fact that it’s well made and more artistically designed, it shouldn’t scare away the talented terrarium keepers.

The taller housing does have more square footage than the other options, which can be viewed as either a positive or a negative.

If you’re looking to save space, for example, a larger hanging terrarium such as this one may take up too much space.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for the special challenge of a closed terrarium then this one can be outfitted to fit your purposes.

Regardless of your reasons for considering the tall Deco Glass Terrarium, it’s a solid choice for beginners and experts alike.

WGVI 9 inch Jumbo Size Glass Globe Terrarium – 

hanging terrarium


So, jumbo may be a little bit of an exaggeration when it comes to the WGVI Glass Terrarium. But, that doesn’t mean this one isn’t worth pursuing as the housing for your hanging terrarium.

The dimensions of this offering are a diameter of 8 inches, a height of 9 inches, and an opening of 4.5 inches which makes it pretty big as far as hanging terrariums go. At the same time, the larger size without any additional support is prone to shattering.

Because the WGVI Glass Terrarium is ordered via Amazon though, a simple return will get you a new one in a flash.

Handmade Antique Brass and Glass Terrarium

hanging terrarium

ETSY Vintage Honey Interior

Like the tall Deco Glass Terrarium, this handmade and antique brass and glass terrarium is a sight to be seen. It has the potential to get you compliments for years to come – even without the terrarium world within.

While this may be the case, it does not perform as well as some of the other hanging terrariums on this list when it comes to terrarium specific qualities. For example, there are minor issues with leaking and accessibility for cleaning purposes.

If you’re just looking for an awesome looking housing for some hardy plants though then this could be the housing for you. If, on the other hand, you’re more interested in performance than looks we recommend you going in a different direction.