A molten glass driftwood terrarium is the pinnacle of home gardening; it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. If you’re looking to add an eye-catching piece to your home that can double as a terrific terrarium then you’re going to want to stick around.

The History of Terrariums

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Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

Terrariums first came into existence in 1842 by a botanist named Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward. Interestingly, it happened by complete accident. 

Initially, Ward left one of the jars he was using to observe insect behavior unattended. As a result, a fern spore grew in the jar, germinated into a plant, and bam; the first terrarium was invented. 

He proudly called it the Wardian case. It was rectangular with a triangular roof, similar to greenhouses. 

Today, terrariums come in many shapes and sizes. We have the standard rectangular terrariums, dome terrariums, geometric terrariums, the list goes on and on. 

But if you’re searching for a unique, one-of-a-kind terrarium that’ll impress anyone who sees it, you’ll need to check out molten glass driftwood terrariums. 

How about terrarium plants? Consider these options:

What are Molten Glass Driftwood Terrariums? 

molten glass terrariums


Molten glass driftwood terrariums, like the name suggests, are terrariums that are artfully melted to take on the shape of the driftwood they sit upon.

The size, shape, and color of driftwood vary from one another, meaning no two terrariums are alike. Therefore, they make for a beautifully unique structure in your home. 

Our Recommendations for Molten Glass Driftwood Terrarium

molten glass wood terrarium for home

The Tiny Terra

Molten glass driftwood terrariums are made using a technique called glass blowing, which has been around since the 1st century B.C. Glass is placed into a high-temp furnace of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to make it malleable before it’s blown on using a blowpipe to its desired shape. 

For molten glass driftwood terrariums, the glass is blown directly onto the driftwood and artfully molded in a way that’ll look like it’s “melting” against it. Here are two of the best examples we’ve found: 

Cape Craftsmen Blue Tinted Glass On Driftwood

Cape Craftsmen Hand-Blown Delicate Blue Tinted Bubble Glass On Driftwood Terrarium Décor Planter   

The glass terrariums made by Cape Craftsmen are incredible pieces of art deserving an audience. Each of their designs is absolutely stunning, and they’re as beautiful as they are one-of-a-kind. 

With the aid of decorative stones, sand, and your favorite plants, this terrarium makes for a modern centerpiece for every home. Furthermore, as the glass is thick, you don’t have to worry about it being damaged too quickly. In fact, for a glass piece, it’s surprisingly durable! 

Carefully handcrafted by some of the best local artisans of Bali, Indonesia, these driftwood terrariums are made by melted shards of collected scrap glass. Depending on the size you choose, small, medium, or large, these fabulous, eco-friendly bowls are a showstopper for any home.

Those who own the Cape Craftsmen terrariums use them for multiple purposes, from fishbowls, plant terrariums, to special accessory holders. Although most showed concerns about the driftwood they’ll receive, worrying that it might not live up to the standards shown in the picture, most were pleasantly surprised when they opened their package. 

Simply put, you’re paying for a work of art. If you’re looking for a great centerpiece in your home, the Cape Craftsmen terrarium is definitely a product to consider.

BorneoHunters Hand-Blown Molten Glass On Driftwood

BorneoHunters Hand-Blown Molten Glass On Driftwood


The first time I saw the BorneoHunters Glass On Driftwood Terrarium, my jaw dropped. ‘Beautiful’ seems to be a lacking word; perhaps ‘breathtaking’ is more suitable? Exquisite? Gorgeous? I could scour the thesaurus for a fitting synonym, but they wouldn’t do this terrarium justice. 

Honestly speaking, these glass bowls seem to be more suited to a museum rather than a home. Many describe this terrarium as “simple, yet elegant” and, of course, one of a kind. 

BorneoHunters pride themselves on being meticulous when it comes to attention to detail and dedication, and it shows. There are just under 500 reviews praising this terrarium!

This outdoor-inspired display will give your home a fluid, organic, natural feel that complements any decor. The individual air bubbles accentuate the nature of the traditional hand blown crafting process, therefore making each piece 100% unique.

Granted, it’s a lot pricier compared to standard terrariums. But if you think of the amount of work that’s put in every individual piece, you’ll understand that you’re not paying for a mass-produced product. These terrariums take days, even weeks, to make, for many hours at a time. 

These pieces are made in Kuching, Malaysia, and similar to the CapeCraftsmen terrarium bowls, they’re also made of recycled glass.

Why You Should Invest In a Molten Glass Terrarium 

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For The Home Australia

Molten glass terrariums aren’t cheap. However, as they’re handmade by some of the best artisans in the world, and the fact that it takes literal hours to make, you surely understand why they’re so expensive. 

So what makes molten glass terrariums so well-loved, and why should you consider getting one yourself? 

They’re Great Decorative Pieces 

Molten glass terrariums are simple yet elegant. It’s one of those few pieces that really accentuates your living space wherever they’re placed. They’re a gorgeous work of art that makes for a great conversation starter. 

Multiple Applications 

Whether you use it as a terrarium, decor, or even as a fishbowl, molten glass driftwood terrariums serve a number of applications. No matter what you do with it, it’ll look good. You can even leave it empty if you prefer! 

Unique Gift 

If you’re looking to give someone a unique gift that no one can replicate, molten glass bowls are certainly the way to go. This is especially true if your friend is a nature-lover. They will definitely be delighted at this special, one of a kind display. 


These hand-blown glass terrariums are eco friendly, typically made of recycled glass and driftwood. As we know, driftwood is the remains of trees that are washed into the ocean, rivers, and lakes due to flooding, high winds, etc. 

The fact that artisans are able to use an essentially “dead” part of nature and recreate it into something beautiful is amazing in and of itself.

More Molten Glass Driftwood Terrarium Talk

Molten glass driftwood terrariums are not only unique, they’re extremely beautiful as well. The driftwood decorative piece brings an organic and natural feel to your space and can easily be incorporated into any decor. 

If you’re looking for a terrarium that stands out, I absolutely recommend you to get one!