Glass dome terrariums are a great way to display your greenery if you lack the garden space. They’re like miniature botanic gardens that you can place on a shelf, a bookcase, a window sill, or even in the middle of your kitchen counter. 

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The 3 Best Glass Dome Terrariums

If you’re thinking of getting yourself a glass dome terrarium but not quite sure where to start, you’re in the right place. Today I’ll be discussing our three favorite best glass dome terrariums on the market.

Top 3 Glass Dome Terrariums to Enhance Your Living Space

Best Quality

TitlePurzest Glass Terrarium 
Dimensions5.9 x 5.9 x 8.6 inches
Most Notable FeatureBirdcage aesthetic
Our Rating9.0/10
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Best Deal

TitleLights4fun, Inc. Glass Cloche Terrarium 
Dimensions9 x 6 inches
Most Notable FeatureEasily insert wires for a water filter or lights
Our Rating8.6/10
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Best Price

TitleNCYP Geometric Dome Terrarium 
Dimensions8 x 8 x 8 inches
Most Notable Feature32-sided geometric marvel
Our Rating8.5/10
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Create your own little ecosystem right in your home with these elegant glass dome terrariums. If you’re interested in this aesthetic, you may also like the idea of hanging terrariums or molten glass driftwood terrariums.

Purzest Glass Terrarium 

The eye-catching Purzest Glass Terrarium is certainly one of the prettiest dome terrariums I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s made to adopt a birdcage-like look to complement the plants you’ll be adding inside. 

The best thing about this sealed terrarium is that it retains internal humidity quite well. It works best for plants such as moss, succulents, cacti, air plants, and more. 

Made of handmade clear glass with brass-plated steel frames, this terrarium will enhance any living space due to its aesthetic and almost poetic appeal. 


  • Beautifully-constructed and of high quality
  • Works great as a decorative table piece 
  • Retains humidity quite well


  • Isn’t waterproof 

Lights4fun, Inc. Glass Cloche Terrarium 

The Glass Cloche Terrarium is inspired by the enchanted rose display from the Beauty and the Beast. So with a little bit of creativity, you’ll be able to add your own unique touch to this fairytale centerpiece.

Not only does this dome terrarium allow you to display your succulents, violets, moss, and other tropical plants, you can also use it to display your treasured collectibles. You can even take it a step further and create a magical Christmas look by adding twinkling fairy lights inside it. 

This bell jar is an ideal habitat for moisture-loving plants. The groove in the bamboo base allows you to install a programmable misting system if desired, so you don’t have to water your plants yourself. 


  • Made with high-quality glass and bamboo base
  • Glass walls are thin enough to prevent the terrarium from getting too heated 
  • Elegant look that complements any room 


  • Doesn’t come with a bottom dish 
  • Isn’t ideal for bigger plants 

NCYP Geometric Dome Terrarium 

What I love most about the NCYP Geometric Dome Terrarium is that it has a modern yet elegant style. It’s big enough to house fern, moss, succulent, and other tiny plants and small enough to generate proper humidity inside the casing without having to fill it to the brim.  

Construction is of stellar quality. Made with ultra-clear sodium calcium glass and reinforced tin-lead alloy, this stainless steel terrarium will allow you to mist your plants without worrying about rust or water leakage. 

The terrarium’s geometric dome shape encapsulates the fragile essence of nature. It reminds me of one sci-fi movie I’ve seen as a kid, where aliens housed little plantations in terrariums similar to the NCYP dome. I’d love to have that same ambiance in my own room.


  • Stainless steel cover 
  • Leakproof base
  • Dual front doors


  • Not suitable for animals 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Glass Dome Terrarium

top glass dome terrariums 2020

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Glass dome terrariums are available in a ton of places. Whether it be in your local specialist retailer, big online websites, or dedicated pet stores, there’s no shortage of dome terrariums.

But before you add one into your cart, here are several factors you need to consider: 


The first thing you’ll need to consider is the size of the glass dome terrarium you’ll be buying. 

If you’re growing a plant that can grow up to, say, 15 inches, you’ll need a terrarium that’s tall enough to accommodate its size. Similarly, if you’re planning to plant more than one plant in your terrarium, it needs to be big enough to house each of them comfortably. 

If you’re not convinced, then learn everything there is to know about terrarium housings.

For pets, your terrarium needs to be wide enough to allow smooth movement for your reptile or amphibian.

Closed or Open 

There are two types of terrariums available: closed and open terrariums. 

Closed terrariums, or sealed terrariums, as their name suggests, can be closed off completely. High humidity plants, like African violets, baby’s tears, and Pilea involucrata (more commonly known as, friendship plants), need a closed terrarium. 

Open terrariums are ideal for dry weather plants like cacti, succulents, and air plants, as they don’t require much humidity or water.  

Size of the Terrarium’s Opening 

Many buyers often overlook the size of the terrarium’s opening. 

Some terrariums have a tiny opening that doesn’t allow you to fit your entire hand in, making it increasingly difficult to decorate the terrarium how you want it. In some cases, it won’t even allow the plant itself to enter the glass. 

So when you’re buying a terrarium, make sure that the opening is large enough to fit your hand in so you can creatively arrange your plants inside. 

Construction Quality 

Ask yourself this: what are you going to house inside your terrarium? An animal or a plant? 

For plants, you need to know what they need. Do your plants have their own pot of soil, or do you want to add soil to the terrarium? If it’s the latter, you’ll need to make sure that the terrarium is waterproof so you can mist your plants without worrying about leakage. 

If the terrarium is for your pet, it needs to be secure enough so he won’t escape. You need to double-check the terrarium’s locking components to see if it can be fastened securely. 

The same goes for carnivorous plants; as you’ll be feeding them live insects, the terrarium shouldn’t allow the insect any chance of escape. 


best glass dome terrariums

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When it comes to the best glass dome terrariums, these aren’t the only options available to you. If you find one that you have questions about, then drop us a line – we’re always available to help. If you’ve found one that’s better than those on this list, then let us know about it in the comments! We’d love to help spread the word and get more people giving into their green thumb.